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Junior Matchplay 2020

Junior Knockout

Competition eligibility

This is a Summer knockout competition, which can be entered by all playing Junior Members provided they hold a CONGU competition (c) handicap.

Competition format

1.   Matchplay over 18 holes.

2.   Handicap allowance - FULL difference between the two handicaps.

3.   Play to be from the handicap current on the day of play.

4.   Play should normally start from the 1st tee - white medal markers. (Please note that play may start from a tee other than the 1st tee, but only in exceptional circumstances and only if both sides agree).

5.   If a match is all square after 18 holes, then play shall continue from the 1st hole onwards on a sudden death basis until the match is won.

6.   It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that the results is provided to Colin Riddell via WhatsApp. If this has not been done by the final date for the round, then both players will be eliminated from the competition.

7.   Entrance fee to be paid in the Professional’s shop when entering the competition. Any member who is aware that he will be unable to play for 28 consecutive days at any time during the course of the competition should not enter.

Arranging matches

1.   It is the responsibility of both players to make contact. Contact should be made as soon as it is known who the opponent is in the next round. There is no need to wait until the closing date of the current round.

2.   The member making contact should whenever possible give his opponent three possible dates, not all in the same week, and including at least one weekday and one weekend day.

3.   If the opponent is unable to play on any of the three dates suggested, then he should himself offer three further dates. Again, these dates should not all be in the same week, and should include weekdays and weekend days.

4.   In the event of any difficulty in arranging a match, juniors should contact Colin Riddell.

The latest drawsheet can be viewed by clicking on the link.

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