York Golf Club

York Golf Club

COURSE Designed by J.H. Taylor in 1904

Mobile Phone Policy

The Board are mindful that members and visitors use mobile phones for far more than simply making or receiving calls.

In order to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for all,  please help with the following: -

Mobile phones may be used in the Clubhouse (on silent) for internet/text purposes.

If viewing video's or news items, this should be done with the sound mute to avoid disturbing others.

Any telephone calls to/from your phone should only be answered/made in the car park area or on the terrace, providing you are not disturbing others already using the terrace.

Please do not take or receive calls on the staircase first floor landing.

On the course however, phones should not be used for making or answering telephone calls except in emergencies and should be set to silent AT ALL TIMES.

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