York Golf Club

York Golf Club

COURSE Designed by J.H. Taylor in 1904

Hole 7

  153 Yards, Men Par 3 - SI 13   |   Women Par 3 - SI 17
  145 Yards, Men Par 3 -SI 13   |   Women Par 3 - SI 17
  105 Yards, Men Par 3 - SI 13   |   Women Par 3 - SI 17

Our signature hole, while not a long par 3, requires an accurate shot into a sloping green over a lily-padded pond that seems to present more difficulties than it logically should. Club selection is critical: the prevailing wind can often catch a mis-hit shot and carry it out of bounds into the “Colonel’s garden” on the right. In Summer, a putt down the slope is a challenge to even the best golfer due to the speed of the green.

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